We’re Not Dead Yet

Friends! And people who hate us! Less the people who hate us, and more directed at the friendlies. WE AREN’T DEAD. More importantly, we have not stopped making tunes. Currently, we’re going through a bit of … change. I couldn’t currently tell you who’s in the band and who isn’t. I couldn’t even tell you what sort of music we make. None of this is new, but it’s new that I’m noticing it!

Boston the Pimp is dead. Long live Boston the Pimp Reverend Joel! Hell-Toupee has also apparently been replaced with a Justin Tree. It’s a thing that happens … sometimes, an alter-ego (we hope) just comes around and replaces you without even asking. Of course, that isn’t what happened here. We all sat down for some time, and decided that. In the end, only one thing really matters:

Jim is a train track repairman. Being incompetent, he one day realizes that he hasn’t repaired an intersection which is about to be used. Unless Jim can repair the track, the passengers of the train will die horribly. He considers grabbing a nearby hobo – Ratman – and throwing him ‘under the bus’ so to speak. Meaning train, and literally. Clearly, Ratman would not live through this, but it would keep Jim out of trouble and perhaps spare the passengers. Jim is an idiot, and doesn’t understand that Ratman’s life isn’t worth the dozens on the train, and so decides not to throw the pointy little hobo man onto the tracks, so he lets the train crash killing twelve passengers.

If there’s a deeper meaning to this story … I apologize.


Bot, perhaps?

I’m starting to think I’m a bot or something. I basically pretend to have interests, just to feel more like I might in fact be a person. I’ve noticed that I type apparently at the very same speed that I think at, which isn’t slow at all  … and I never really make any typos. These things worry me. I often re-post things I see that strike me as likeable due to “Other people would probably like this,” but I rarely post anything of my own accord for the sake of myself liking it. I’ve always loved videogames … or so I have always said. I think I’ve actually completed two of them, Mega Man X and Zelda: LttP. Both of those were due to forcing myself into it for the sake of somebody else. I think most of my life is actually made up … which is weird. It’s like being “Fred” from A Scanner Darkly. Makes me worry about who I actually may be.

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Today, I come to you in confusion.

My friends. My fiends. My feelers. Hello.

Hello, I say to you, in utter confusion. Not the good kind of confusion where there’s some sort of a problem to be sorted out, and you can properly express what that problem is, and it’s all gravy … but the weird and shitty sort of confusion where it’s just sort of a generalized confusing thingy. Thingy, in this case, a technical and possibly medical term.

You see, for some reason, we are going to make another album very shortly already. I truly do not understand why such a terrible thing would happen to us. We invite and beg you to share in this harsh, terrible time. Thank you, and goodnight. (it’s 9:39am … fuck it. Goodnight anyway)

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Happy 1-year anniversary, Washington!

As of tonight, it’s been exactly one year since Washington State has legalized the possession and use of marijuana. If you haven’t heard our song “Stoned in Washington,” it’s sort of a tribute to that. Except it isn’t. Or at least, it wasn’t, when we wrote it. It was originally written about the time Toupee went to Washington in order to visit fellow bandmate Boston the Pimp. Due to the liberal toking generally experienced in the state of Washington, things weren’t remembered all that clearly …

Well, happy anniversary, and spark up that doobie.

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New Album, MOFOS. We Forget.

There’s a new album out now, freaky folks. “We Forget” is the first/last thing to be released by us in 2013. You can’t really expect a band by the name of I Forgot to remember what it’s doing, right? Anyway, magical preview, my sexyfriends.

YouTube Preview Image
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The album is finished, relatively equalized, and being uploaded to Jamendo at this very moment.  Stay tuned!

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Happy birthday!

Er… there are still a few finishing touches to be made on ‘Did You Bang Her?’ – but it will be available very, very soon.

Nonetheless, I shall reveal the album artwork now:

And the tracklist:

1. Girl, You’re Growing A Beard
2. She’s A Friend (But You Got a Stiffy)
3. Crumpet
4. Vib Ribbon
5. Crush
6. They’re The Nerdish
7. It’s A Giraffe
8. I Forgot is a Choice
9. RR’s Sports Report
10. Mustache Brush
11. Take Seven
12. The Real Mr. Jellyfish
13. Phone
14. Total Abuse of Ninjam
15. I Bated To You
16. I Know
17. Done With the Sports

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Jamendo has rejected Tango Gang Fights due to “copyright” – whatever that means.  The fact that one track is called Dr. Pepper?  Or another is similar to Metroid?  I’m not sure why, but you can still grab it accordingly from the post below.

They have also rejected ‘Under the Influence of Old Root Beer,’ which is something of a demo tape that I will write about later.  But not for copyright – just “poor quality.”  Which… it is.

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Tango Gang Fights

Whoops – looks like Jamendo hasn’t approved it yet, hopefully that has nothing to do with the “This album is currently being encoded” message I haven’t seen before, and here I am acting like it exists.

Well, it does, so ’til Jamendo approves it, you can snag (or preview it) here.

Before hitting publish, I decided to search through some old TXTs to see if I could find the “outline” for Tango Gang Fights.  This has actually been a somewhat enlightening reminder to me of the history of this “album.”

I opened a file called stuckinawindow.txt, which I recognized as something I wanted to use as an album title.  I should even have the artwork.

Yep, I do.

Anyway, Stuck in a Window was supposed to be two parts: in fact, two mini-sized CDs, in a nice package, distributed by Hand Panther (who made the 20 or so copies of Eagle God Book Book).  Part one: THREE INCH IDEAS. Part two: 1/3 Boston.

I’m not sure where the split was, but this is a list of tracks that must have existed, or almost did.

  • justin’s serious song
  • jspacebrat megamix w/old man military intro
  • number 3 casey guitar track (w/ justin vocals and gentle synth)
  • Suck Cock
  • a new version of Mr. Jellyfish
  • a monologue modulated by casey
  • and the i forgot back story text turned sound
  • Sweet Beat rap track (feat. music by David, vocals by Josh)
  • Stalker Poem track
  • Nicole track

Let’s check these out down the line.

“Justin’s Serious Song” – Whoops, I don’t think that happened.  After “J.Lo Dead Serious” and “Boston Too” I wanted my own serious instrumental.  But I was too lazy to ever really make one.  Ottsix’s “My Little Toupee” was probably what eventually happened.

“J. Spacebrat Megaman Mix w/ Old Man Military Intro” – Whoa.  I think that last part might be the fruition of that in Did You Bang Her?  We must have been talking about that for … a very long time.

“Number 3″ – This is on Tango Gang Fights.  Except it never got gentle synth or vocals.  And it wasn’t track 3.

“Suck Cock” – I have a copy of this, but it hasn’t really been released in any capacity.

“A New Version of Mr. Jellyfish” – I’m quite positive this never happened.  We somehow only had the first three seconds of Mr. Jellyfish.  A file got corrupt or something.  It’s been recovered, and is finally being released on the new album.

“FUCKING DOLPHINS” – I dunno what this was supposed to be.

“A monologue modulated by Casey” – Hey, that has a rhythm to it.  If we had actually done this, it would be a bit like Josh’s “blue hotdogs” on EGBB.  Or you could just listen to our podcast.

And the “I Forgot Backstory Text Turned Sound” – I really want to know what this is, because I have a feeling I should vaguely remember it.  Sounds like the work of Microsoft Narrator.  But what was the backstory?!

“Sweet Beat Rap Track” – Could be anything.  Dunno who Dave is.

“Stalker Poem” – See ‘Stalkerarararararar’, Tango Gang Fights.

“Nicole Track” – I think this was about some chick Josh was fucking at the time.

This bit of conversation is also in the file.

hanged up life: casey and i came up with song titles a while ago when we were talking on the phone while I was supposed to be working
hanged up life: one of them is The Evil Emo Robot, Emoticon

Whatever that means.  Maybe it has something to do with Murgatroyd the Robot in the Yoga Yoga Yoga Booty Ballet.

In any case, Tango Gang Fights was created somewhere along the line where we decided we had enough content already and we should just get it out there.  Josh created 8 copies or so as CIR-001 on his new “Circumstancial” label, and I have no idea what the original j-cards looked like.  I think they were all different.

I also just found a document called circumstancial.txt, a list of tracks for a “Circumstancial Sampler.”  Side B is almost entirely I Forgot related…

8. San Francisco – Bridge (from Fire Catch Curious, Octopus Menstruation records)
9. Francis Minotaur – Live at Club Zoe – Sublingual
10. Schematumbra – Platypus (from We’re Aliens, That’s it)
11. Zeros Were Jenna – Settling Storm
12. Real Pony Tale – Stitch Distress (from Fairy Tails)
13. Real Pony Tale – up. . .down the last hole (from Fairy Tails)
14. I Forgot – Chex Mix (from Eagle God Book Book, Hand Panther Records)
15. I Forgot – Spies 86 (from Tango Gang Fights)
16. I Forgot – Guitar Attack (from Eagle God Book Book, Hand Panther Records)
17. Zeros Were Jenna – Twinkle
18. Zeroes Were Jenna – This Is Not Really The Ending
19. I Forgot – Don’t Be Scared (from Eagle God Book Book, Hand Panther Records)

San Francisco was Josh’s minimalistic ‘ambient noise’ project.  I’ll upload a few tracks later if I still have them.  Zeroes Were Jenna is Casey’s MIDI (or something) instrumental project.  An album exists. Josh did have one thing totally wrong, though.  IT WAS NEVER REAL PONY TALE.  It was REAL PALE TONY.  Casey and I made a few “concept” tracks under that name.  There was going to be some kind of flash animation to go with it.

Schematumbra.  I forgot all about that.  I wonder if I still have Schematumbra music.  It’s what happens when you give Josh a drum kit and let him play with Casey.

Okay.  One more TXT file.  I Forgot – Stuck in a Window.txt.

(Three Inch Ideas)
1. Decaying Duration Spent Curiously Questioning
2. 003
3. Followed Jack
4. Hive
5. Numbers Lost
6. Ream Kitty
7. Spies 86
8. Stalkerararararar

(One Third Boston)
9. New York City
10. 05
11. Dr. Pepper
12. Kitty Not Bad
13. O!
14. The Cat
15. Tree Peeper
16. Yoga Yoga Yoga Booty Ballet
17. Metroidium

The exact track list of Tango Gang Fights.  Huh.  All I can say is, whether ‘Three Inch Ideas’ and ‘One Third Boston’ are part of Tango Gang Fights, or never really existed because so much of the “real” (?) Stuck in a Window doesn’t, really, is up to you to decide.

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I Forgot… WE ARE A BAND.

Hello, world.  Justin Raymond here from I Forgot.

You may not know who we are.  This is more likely than you knowing us in any way.  Perhaps that will change.

I Forgot hails from Buckley, Washington.  And Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania.  And Florida.  And elsewhere.  As far as I can tell, we engineered the “online band”, circa 2002 (2001? 2000?) – but I only say that because I still haven’t found any others.

That’s not to say our music is good, but I’d like to think we are improving steadily over the years.

Here is a short directory/warning message about further pursuing our music, which is probably the reason you are here at all.

EAGLE GOD BOOK BOOK – Released as a cassette, thus Sides A and B.  A features more vocally oriented material, most of it quite poorly mixed together.  This is an age of definitely NOT broadband internet and the only thing between us and multi-track editing software was 56k.  Side B is weighted towards straightfoward (that might be the wrong word) instrumentals.  Much of this material was created from the band’s start up until this cassette’s release.  Which was an extravagant twenty copies.  I don’t even have one.

TANGO GANG FIGHTS – A lot of this stuff was made right around the completion of Eagle God Book Book, and we had already allotted a solid 59 minutes to the double sided tape.  In that sense, it’s kind of the EGBB EP.

OTTSIX – A long two years passed.  Then work began.  Ottsix is a bit more high fidelity than its predecessor, but only a bit.  Things are starting to sound a bit more “concentrated” here, as if we were actually planning this thing out.  Until you hear the chaotic bass lines that polish off the songs with Seinfeld riffs.

ACID FLEAS – Last summer’s magnum opus, some actual work was put into crafting these tracks.  They even bleed into each other!  Topics range from tea, addiction, urban sprawl, and the most rockin’ tribute to the best cat on the planet.

DID YOU BANG HER? – Soon to be released.  Check back around May 17.  Casey moves in with a female and quits producing new material, so a wide collection of previously unused guitar, as well as a bunch of NINJAM sessions, was employed.  Our Bassist Mirthoneist contributes more than ever before and J. Spacebrat conjures an intriguing interlude to segregate tracks of friendship with a girl to other… tracks… that must be completed before May 17.  Also features I Forgot’s first ever radio appearance (to our knowledge) on Seattle’s KISW (THE ROCK).  Plus Mario Paint music.  Plus the actual track 3 from EGBB, lost to us for years and found again.  This one’s gonna be great.

So please give us a listen – everything is entirely free and feel free to use it completely to your advantage.  Background music for Redtube videos, your sister’s wedding tape … whatever.  We’ve never made a penny from making music, and don’t expect to.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for updates on the new album, and if you want a sneak preview, visit our Google Sites page.

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